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Technology & Services

Internet Access 

Internet access is included for all campus housing units. Depending on which building you live in, you may receive support from either the campus’s Student Technology Services or from the affiliate partner that manages the building. 

Buildings with Campus-Provided Internet 

The following campus housing units have Internet provided by campus, with support provided by Student Technology Services:

  • Helen Diller Anchor House
  • Units 1, 2, and 3
  • Clark Kerr
  • Foothill
  • Martinez Commons
  • Stern
  • Channing-Bowditch
  • Ida Jackson House
  • Intersection
  • Manville
  • University Village (see UVA technology services)

For information on Internet access in the buildings above, please visit If you are experiencing any network or technical issues, contact Student Technology Services: by phone at 510-642-HELP(4357) or by email at

Buildings with Internet Provided by Affiliate Partners

Internet services in the campus apartments below are provided by the affiliate companies that manage each building. If you live in one of the buildings below and have questions about your internet, please contact your on-site staff for assistance.

  • Blackwell Hall
  • New Sequoia
  • Enclave
  • Panoramic

Printing Services

For details on printing services in campus housing, please check with your unit’s front desk to inquire about print services available. For printing locations on the main campus (not including housing locations), please visit