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Move-Out Responsibilities

Here are some important things for you to be aware of when planning for Move-Out.

Please be aware that failure to clean your room, furniture, remove trash and take all items with you will result in charges. Essentially, the room should look like it did when you moved in:

  • Remove all of your personal belongings from the room. Any items left behind will be considered unwanted and subsequently disposed of. The University assumes no responsibility for items left on the premises.
  • Take all trash, recycling, and composting to the proper location. Failure to remove all trash and other belongings will result in a cleaning charge.
  • If your room contains MicroChill unit, please clean the unit and leave it in your room.
  • Ensure all drawers, wardrobes, shelving units, closets and other furnishings are empty and clean; return furniture to the original set up.
  • Return plates, dishes, cups, and utensils to your local Berkeley Dining facility.
  • Vacuum the carpet. Vacuums can be checked out from the Security Monitor’s Booth, RA, or the Unit Office.
  • Turn off radiators or heating units.
  • If you used a bathroom locker, remove the lock and take your belongings.
  • Claim all mail from your mailbox and packages from the mailroom. Unclaimed mail and packages will be returned to sender.
  • Update your “local address” in CalCentral and forward all other mail with USPS.
  • Don’t forget your bike! (bikes left behind will be removed and sent to campus recycling)
  • Dispose unwanted or expired medications at the Tang Center Pharmacy. Prescription medicines disposed of down the drain are showing up in streams and rivers. This could accidentally poison pets, seniors, or be taken by criminals.
  • For public health reasons due to the pandemic, please leave your window slightly open to allow for air circulation.
  • Close and lock the door.
  • Return all keys to your Unit office. Do not leave them in the room or give them to a friend to return.