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Living with a Roommate

During your time at UC Berkeley, you are likely to learn more about yourself and others than at any other time in your life. The students you are living with are students who, like you, are committed to succeeding academically, personally, and professionally.

Without a doubt, your year will be filled with many new experiences and memories. For many students, simply sharing a room may be a new experience. Having a positive relationship with your roommate(s), suitemates or floormates will add to the richness of your year. When you feel at home in your residence, you will be a better student and be better able to positively contribute to the University.

If you have a roommate, we encourage you to contact your new roommate directly before searching for them on social networking sites. Remember that social accounts are only a small window into a person’s experience. Find your “Roommate Information” linked in the housing portal at the bottom of the “Accepted” page in your Academic Year application. Roommate information will be available in early August.

Contacting Your Roommate

When you view your roommate information, we know that many of you will visit social networking sites as a first step. We encourage you to contact your new roommate(s) directly before making any judgments.

Contact information for your roommate(s) may be found here: Go back into the application (Click on Apply for Housing), and select the current year application. You should be on the Accepted page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link called “Roommate Information.” Roommate information will be available in early August.