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Laundry Facilities

Laundry Room

Laundry rooms equipped with washers and dryers are located in all UC Berkeley residence hall buildings and apartments. The locations of laundry rooms in residence halls are posted in the lobby near the main entrance to each building.

How to Operate

The best way to operate washers and dryers is by mobile app, but most machines will also accept credit/debit cards (coins are not accepted in on-campus housing). The app is a center for all things laundry, allowing you to easily pay, report issues, check machine availability, and get notified when laundry is done.  

Best Practices for Loading Laundry

Loading detergent into the washing machine depends on the detergent type. For pods, put them in the bottom of the machine before loading clothes. For liquid, there is a separate compartment in the machine to pour it. When loading clothes in a front-load washer, make sure to leave five inches (or hand width of space) above laundry to avoid overstuffing.

The most common causes of problems for washers include overstuffing, improper laundry pod placement, and using too much detergent. For maintenance issues, reporting instructions are on the machine and in the app.

Additional information is provided on flyers posted in the laundry rooms.