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Religious and Cultural Identity-Based Requests

Students of many cultures, faith backgrounds, and beliefs are welcome at UC Berkeley. In an effort to honor the practices of different students around their faith or cultural beliefs, Cal Housing provides several options to students for their living environment, including:

  1. An All-Women’s Floor or Suite based on religious or cultural beliefs or practice
  2. An All-Men’s Floor or Suite based on religious or cultural beliefs or practice
  3. Additional Space for Prayer or Religious Practice (please note that we do not typically assign single rooms as a religious accommodation)
  4. Housing location with close proximity to place of worship
  5. Semi-private bathroom based on religious or cultural beliefs

For students seeking spaces to practice their faith privately, please note there are many options to do so outside of your Residence Hall room. As a result, we do not typically provide private rooms to students requesting religious accommodations. Many of our Residence Halls and Apartments have meeting rooms and lounges that you may reserve and use for your practice. There is also a meditation room open to students 24/7 at Eshleman Hall.

In order to request any of the accommodations listed above, or others that you believe might apply, please check out the information below.

For more information, you may get in touch with the Cal Housing Accommodations Coordinator:

Phone: 510-642-4108


Steps for Requesting a Religious or Culturally Based Housing Assignment