RHA Advocacy Committee Presents

RHA-PAWS: Your voice in the halls.

Got Problems? We've got Answers. Have Worries? We've got Solutions! RHA-PAWS is one way for residents to have a voice in the halls. Residents with questions, comments, complaints, suggestions, or concerns about life in the Residence Halls should contact RHA Advocacy through RHA-PAWS.

RHA Advocacy strives to represent the residents, address resident concerns,
and encourage service in the halls.


Earthquake Preparedness Seminars (2011-2012): In partnership with the former Office of Emergency Preparedness, RHA Advocacy put on a series of seminars dedicated to informing residents about earthquakes and a variety of preventative safety precautions. All attendees were provided with emergency starter kits.

Partnership with the Voter Coalition Team (2010-2012): Starting in the 2012-2013 academic year, RHA Representatives will accompany VoteCo members in the halls for a two hour period to encourage voter registration in the halls. An agreement between RHA and VoteCo will ensure that the commonly intense and intrusive practice of “dorm-storming” will not occur.

Green Books (2010-2011): Green books are made out of 100% recycled paper and 30% post consumer waste. They are environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional blue books of the past.

In the news:

“Trayless” in the Dining Commons (2009-2010): Trayless dining, implemented widely at schools like Williams College, Stanford University, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, Cornell University, Northwestern, etc., is a significant sustainability effort in all campus dining facilities at Cal. Trayless dining facilities are shown to save water otherwise used washing trays (according to the New York Times, up to 14,000+ gallons as demonstrated by Williams College). Trayless dining is also linked to reduced waste and reduced food costs for dining facilities.

In the news:

The Foothill-La Loma Bridge (2004-2007): The Foothill-La Loma Bridge which connects the Foothill and La Loma residence halls via Hearst Avenue has made the Foothill Dining Hall and Unit 4 Academic Services Center more accessible to wheelchair-bound students. In addition, the bridge has also provided a safe alternative to dangerous jay-walking across Hearst Avenue.

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