The Academic Services Tutoring Program is certified at Level 3 by the College Reading and Learning Association's International Tutor Training Program Certification.

RRR Week Extended Hours & Review Sessions:

  • Monday 5/6: Unit 1 Slottman L12, 6-10 PM
  • Tuesday 5/7: Unit 2 Central L20, 6-10 PM
  • Thursday 5/9: Unit 3 Library, 6-10 PM
  • Tuesday 5/7: 3A Review Session, Unit 2 APR, 8-10pm
  • Wednesday 5/8: 1A Review Session, Unit 2 Wada Downstairs Rooms, 8-10pm
  • Thursday 5/9: 3B Review Session, Unit 3 APR, 8-10pm
  • Tuesday 5/7: Math 53 Review Session, Unit 3 APR, 8-10pm
  • Wednesday 5/8 What: Math 1B Review Session, Unit 3 APR, 8-10pm

Chemistry Math Physics Writing
Unit 1 C M P W M P M W C
Unit 2 P W C M C W C P M P
Unit 3 M W M P C C P M W
Unit 4 C C M P P W M P W

All tutoring occurs from 8-10pm in the Academic Centers

Tutoring in the Residence Halls:

  • promotes intellectual engagement in a peer community
  • encourages scholarship
  • reinforces and develops strategies and skills necessary for academic success
Our program accomplishes these goals with our trained peer tutors who provide drop-in assistance, subject-specific programs, and guided study sessions.

What we cover:
  • Chemistry: 1A 1B 3A 3B 4A 4B
  • Math: 1A 1A 16A 16B 32 53
  • Physics: 7A 7B 8B 8B
  • Writing: all undergraduate writing courses
What we offer:
  • Workshops on structuring and writing lab reports
  • Mini-sessions to reinforce and review mathematical concepts
  • Help brainstorming thesis topics from writing prompts
  • Review of kinematics, forces, work/energy
  • Workshops on taking your writing to the next level and finding your voice
All of our services are provided free of charge to all UC Berkeley Students!
For more information please contact:
Roxanne Villaluz [Chemistry, Math, Physics]:

To find out where the Academic Services Centers are located, visit the Center locations page.